Astrology & Yoga Intertwined

Zodiac Yoga Series
5-Class Series $100 / Induvial Class $25 each
All classes offered outdoors in the studio courtyard on Tuesday evening from 7:00-8:30 pm
July 2, 2024July 9, 2024July 16, 2024July 23, 2024July 30. 2024
Aquarius, Pisces, AriesTaurus, Gemini, CancerLeo, Virgo, LibraScorpio, Sagittarius, CapricornEarth, Air, Fire, Water
As you learn and stretch the mind through studying astrology, you will learn to coordinate the body, and practice to align your energies with the elements. Each zodiac sign is associated with specific body parts and functions. To harness and tap into the energy of your particular zodiac sign, we will practice yoga postures that strengthen and energize those areas of the body. We will learn a mudra (a hand gesture to channel the flow of energy)  and mantra (a motivating chant) for each sign. In our final class we will discuss the four elements. Each zodiac sign corresponds with one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They have different traits that and hold significant insights. Combining all of the zodiac signs and elements into an astrological yoga flow. This series will be held at 4477 W Emerald St Boise 83706. Reserve your star space today! Sign up here

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