Breathe to Move – Sally Tompkins

Breathe to Move

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit through movement & breath, a gentle flow with emphasis on pranayama.  The breath is a powerful tool for training mindfulness, engaging the muscles & both gathering & releasing energy.  All classes begin and end with attention to this detail, just as all movement depends on it.  Breathe to Move is gentle to protect the joints, slow to strengthen muscle groups, deep to encourage blood flow for healing, and breath-led to facilitate a mindful practice.

Sally Tompkins, 200RYT

I am certified in Vinyasa through Sage Yoga & Wellness & trained in Adaptive Yoga with Ken Lewis & Zen Adaptive and have been teaching since February 2019.  Through my experiences teaching Beginner Hatha at the Harris Ranch clubhouse, Restatha for the Little Yoga Center, Hatha Flow for Crunch Fitness, warm beginners yoga for Studio Move, subbing Yin & Power Yoga for Sage, and creating water yoga sequences for private clients, I has found my niche teaching to the whole person.  Fun facts about me, I love animals & I enjoy outdoor physical activity (as long as it doesn’t involve extreme heights).

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