Class Description

Breathe to Move

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit through movement & breath, a gentle flow with emphasis on pranayama.  The breath is a powerful tool for training mindfulness, engaging the muscles & both gathering & releasing energy.  All classes begin and end with attention to this detail, just as all movement depends on it.  Breathe to Move is gentle to protect the joints, slow to strengthen muscle groups, deep to encourage blood flow for healing, and breath-led to facilitate a mindful practice.

Rise & Shine

Get an early start and set the tone for the rest of the day.  An easy awakening of the body. Connecting movement with breath.

Straight Outta Savasana

Restorative Yoga will calm and reset your entire body & mind.  Supported resting poses with the aid of props can allow the body to hold passive stretches longer giving us time and space for ourselves, allowing us to just be.  Entire body relaxation can help slow breathing, stills busy thoughts, reduce blood pressure and increase well-being. 90 minutes of self-care is topped off with a delicious piece of chocolate.  This sweet treat contains antioxidants that may increase your heart health. Vax pass class.

Mindful Moments

Are you looking to reduce stress or find stillness? This is a meditation practice for you. In mindfulness lessons you will be guided through simple and effective techniques that will help bring self-awareness, awareness of others, and the ability to self-regulate with calm and focus. Paying attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind with breath, movement and mantras (words or phrases). Meditation helps lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, decrease pain and depression.

Heart of Yoga 

The purpose of yoga is to unify the body, breath and mind.  This class will meet each person’s concerns and interests using asanas (poses and counter-poses) linked to the rhythm of the breath (pranayama).  The goal for this class is to deepen our self awareness and to bring harmony and order in our bodies and minds.  If anyone can breathe they can practice yoga.  Be inspired to work toward your personal practice; a practice that will help give you inner awareness and clarity to their life.

Midday Motivation

Join us for an invigorating practice to help strengthen your mind and body.  This power hour will be full of energizing poses that will be sure to heat you up and have those muscles working.  Class will end with a relaxing savasana to leave you feeling more grounded as you head out to finish your day. 

Y12SR: Yoga for 12-Step Recovery

Y12SR is a holistic guide to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction. Informed by the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing. Just as the practice of yoga helps bring us into right alignment. The cognitive approach of the 12 step recovery model helps bring us into right alignment with something greater than ourselves. Working the 12 steps & having a yoga practice are keys to recovery to maintain sobriety of all addictions. Anonymous meeting followed by yoga (donation based), all Anonymous Members welcome.

Down Dog Yoga 

This class is designed for all abilities and fitness levels.  Students will be lead through a flow style class, intended to be gentle and non-intimidating.  Yoga is not a competition.  We all look different in our poses due to the way our bodies are built and our varying levels of flexibility.  Mixed level flow ending with healing touch, hot rocks and guest appearances by Henry, Karyn’s Heeler dog! Vax pass class.

Lunch Break (Chair) Yoga

No excuses, you don’t even need to change your work clothes, or get wrinkled sitting on the floor, we have chairs.  Not only is it good to get away from your work to freshen your brain and de-stress, it’s even more important for your physical health.  Movement during your lunch break increases your metabolism for the rest of your workday.  From your office chair to yoga and back, this 50-minute power hour is an efficient workout, where you will stretch, move and walk away feeling centered and grounded. 

Take a Seat

Chair Yoga is suitable if you are new to yoga, confined to a desk at work, or unable to participate in a traditional yoga class because of aging, injury or disability.  Chair yoga is a gentle and can be done while sitting, some poses can be done standing using a chair for support.  This seated flow class will help improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, all while boosting your mood, and reducing stress and joint strain.

Align with Alli

Through aligning your body you can bring your mind and soul into alignment.  This class focuses on alignment of the body first so that we may use that structure to fully relax and release into each asana.  Each class will focus on a different part of the body, the topics can be found on the schedule.  This class is perfect for beginners and avid practitioners alike.  Whether you’re just getting into yoga and want to ensure you’re practicing safely, or you’re as bendy as they come and want to add to your practice while learning something new this class is for you!


We’ve got music, lights and action

Booty Buster 

All about strengthening glutes and lower back while giving some love to the sciatic nerves.  By training the muscles you don’t regularly see, your body becomes stronger and more defined.  This routine is stacked with multi-joint movements that strengthen and sculpt every muscle in your posterior chain.




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