Midday Motivation

Ditch the dust bunnies and dust off your mat, ’cause this power hour is gonna be a scorcher. Get ready to crank up the heat, unleash your inner warrior, and sculpt those muscles into masterpieces. We’ll flow through poses that’ll leave you feeling energized and alive, like a sunbeam dancing on a mountaintop after a rainstorm. ☀️ From fiery sun salutations to heart-pumping vinyasas, we’ll push past those comfort zones and discover new strengths you never knew you had. And don’t worry, we’ll cool down with a blissful savasana at the end, leaving you feeling like a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, basking in the afterglow of pure zen. So grab your water bottle, your courage, and your fiercest attitude – this power hour is about to turn up the volume on your inner Rockstar!

Ready to sweat, smile, and conquer? See you on the mat!

$15 Monday & Wednesday 10-11am | 4477 W Emerald St Boise 83706

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