Lunch Break Chair Yoga – Mita Sandil

Lunch Break (Chair) Yoga

No excuses, you don’t even need to change your work clothes, or get wrinkled sitting on the floor, we have chairs.  Not only is it good to get away from your work to freshen your brain and de-stress, it’s even more important for your physical health.  Movement during your lunch break increases your metabolism for the rest of your workday.  From your office chair to yoga and back, this 50-minute power hour is an efficient workout, where you will stretch, move and walk away feeling centered and grounded. 

Mita Sandil, E-200RYT

I am a wife, mother, schoolteacher, artist, & yoga instructor.  I say that “each role is valuable in my life and has helped her grow as a woman, mother, & artist.”  I teach chair yoga to the elderly, disabled, injured, those with tight muscles, and low mobility.  Chair yoga is also valuable to those working in an office or home.  My lessons are designed with all body types in mind because I believe yoga should be accessible for every “body”.  This year I’ve grown tremendously as an online yoga teacher offering online, private & in-person group classes.  “A chair is more than just for sitting”.  Try a chair class with me,  you will sweat and stretch, walking away feeling centered & grounded!

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