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Stephanie Florence – Was first drawn to yoga because of the people, everyone just seemed peaceably happy.  She is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and her yoga style is an easy pace in an environment where there is laughter and happiness! As of January 2021, Stephanie is the owner and operator of Yoga for Life.  She, along with her team have created an environment for all body types, ages and fitness levels…experience is not necessary, you are welcome to as you are!

Surina Mohr – Yoga has been a part of her life from a very young age.  Her parents began studying with Guru Subramuniya Swami in the early 70’s in Hawaii. They officially converted to Saivism with our Namakarana Samskara when she was 10.  Yoga is one aspect of the Saivite Hindu Religion that was a daily practice throughout Surina’s childhood.  She left the religion at age 18, and found yoga in the Western sense to be fascinating in all of its iterations, and  she has sampled them all.  Surina finds that the personal connection to an instructor and style is what keeps her motivated to continue her practice.  Seeing the world through the Eastern philosophy and Religion which she was raised, so she tends to find “her people” in yoga communities easier than anywhere else.


Jill Singer – Is an E-200HR Registered Yoga Teacher and is a certified Barre instructor.  She works with all abilities, ages and genders, and encourages everyone to “Find Your Yoga.” Her Yoga studies include Ashtanga, Bikram, BUTI, Hatha, Hot, Iyengar, Kundalini, Meditation, Mudras, Power (Baptiste), Prenatal, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, YogaSHRED, and she has completed 75+ hours of Integrative Yoga Therapy training.  Jill does not identify with one style, tradition, or lineage as she believes all yoga is helpful.  Yoga continues to be a daily practice as she’s transitioned from a long-distance endurance athlete to a strength-based athlete, using all of its unique components for cross training, mental focus, stress relief, injury prevention and rest.  She looks forward to sharing her passion for mind-body connection combined with FUN.


Haley Ball – Yoga found me while I was a student in college in 2003.  She loved attending the weekly classes as it provided a much needed reset during studies. She has continued her practice on and off since college through prenatal, PiYo, hot yoga, and restorative classes.  In November 2020 she obtained her RYT 200 and has since embarked on teaching In November 2020 she obtained her RYT 200 andan ACE certified fitness instructor for 6yrs.  She has been instructing group fitness classes in the valley since 2014.  Her teaching styles are Power Vinyasa and Gentle Flow.  Haley’s favorite motto is, “Just Breathe”.   It’s amazing what can happen when we slow down and focus on the breath.


Sally Tompkins  – is a certified in Vinyasa through Sage Yoga & Wellness and  Adaptive Yoga with Ken Lewis & Zen Adaptive.  She has been teaching yoga since February 2019.  Her approach to yoga focuses on pranayama and individual adaptation.  She emphasizes body awareness & spirit/mind/body connection.  Her love of nature is woven throughout & evident in samadhi, or connection to the divine & nature through asana practice.  Through Sally’s experiences teaching Beginner Hatha at the Harris Ranch clubhouse, Restatha for the Little Yoga Center, Hatha Flow for Crunch Fitness, warm beginners yoga for Studio Move, subbing Yin & Power Yoga for Sage, and creating water yoga sequences for private clients, she has found her niche teaching to the whole person.


Debbi Murphy – Grew up with a passion to cultivate a better world; specifically, to help people find peace, happiness, and self-worth.  Convinced the answer resided in the mind-body connection, she pursued a Master’s in counseling psychology and a doctorate in Exercise Science.  Debbi soon turned her attention to the study of yoga; a perfect nexus of both.  After more than a decade of teaching at the University of Missouri, where her innovative and popular classes won her the moniker of “Columbia’s fitness expert”, she moved West.  Debbi created Shanti Yoga School in McCall, Idaho.  Believing in the importance of both “evidence-based” teachings as well as a thorough understanding of ancient yogic philosophy.  She continues to study with cutting edge teachers who merge the art and science of yoga.  Bringing the healthy benefits of yoga to everyBODY is Debbi’s passion, through more than 40 years of experience.


Laura Minogue – Believes each time we come to the mat is a unique opportunity for exploration of breath, movement, & the nurturing of the mind-body-soul connection.  Laura strives to provide a warm and inclusive space that allows students to focus on quieting the chatter of the mind while focusing on intentions that are meaningful to them – on and off the mat.  She became a 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor through Peak Beings Yoga in 2012.  She teaches predominantly in the vinyasa yoga style.  While Laura comes into each class prepared with a theme or series of poses, she also pays close attention to the energy level & experience of her students when establishing the pace & difficulty of the class.  Laura offers modifications for poses to support students in having a safe, beneficial, & rewarding practice.


Jamie Lange – Is a 200 hr. Certified Yoga teacher and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).  Jamie has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling as well in Communication.  She bring the philosophy of therapy into her yoga teaching wherein the mind, body, and spirit are the source of healing and connecting.  She believes, how we move our bodies, talk to our bodies, heal with our bodies, HAVE FUN with our bodies can and will heal each other and the world.  Please join her on the mountain for some healing, strengthening, and FUN!


Melissa Klassen – Is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga for over 11 years.  She is also a certified personal trainer who taught step aerobics for many years and now is working on her certification for Corrective Exercise through NASM.  Melissa has a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication and a minor in Dance.  She is a full-time lecturer at Boise State University and an assistant coach to the Capital High School cross country team.  Her yoga journey began in her 30’s when she felt she was losing flexibility from repetitive running.  Melissa believes in the holistic benefits of yoga for all gender, ages, shapes, and sizes.  She has brought yoga to various sports teams, organizational work groups and taught at the Yoga Room at Panache and Shine Yoga Collective.  She has focused on how to build core strength, stability and balance and is looking forward to sharing yoga in this beautiful setting once again this season.


Carrie Goeddertz – Is passionate about life, believing each day is a gift and lives it to the fullest. Her love of all things outdoors brought her to Boise in 2009. Skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking and daily walks with her pups are favorites.  To bring balance into life, she began practicing yoga 18 years ago. After a tugging at her heart to dive deeper into practice, Carrie completed yoga teacher training in 2016.  She holds certifications in Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.




Alli Olson (photo coming soon) – is a 200 hour Certified yoga teacher.  She specializes in Alignment Yoga and integrates alignment in her personal practice, with her clients, and within her group classes.  She found yoga ten years ago after having to attend physical therapy for severe back pain.  This experience is what prompted her to focus on alignment yoga because everything in the body is connected, and often an ailment in one part stems from mis-alignment in another.  Currently, Alli is attending University of Idaho to obtain her law degree which she will use to help preserve and protect Idaho’s natural areas.  As an Idaho native, she loves to spend time in nature with her dog Lu, usually outside in nature is where she practices yoga the most!


Emily Hansen – When I’m not wake-surfing behind a boat, trail running or teaching art, you can find me on my mat. I first found yoga when my life was shouting for a stable routine, which is why I incorporate repetitive sequences into my classes. Yoga has taught me time and again that we must be willing to break out from our shell, to grow, to allow our own light to shine through. At times this breaking is scary, painful, and full of uncertainty but beautiful and full of life at the same time.




Mary Mandell – is a CYT-500 Yoga Instructor, Certified Life Coach and Co-Founder of Yoga for Good.  She has spent countless hours extending her training by attending seminars and continually studying yoga and wellness.  Her passion is sharing yoga with others.  She believes yoga is very powerful and brings many gifts, including….celebration of the physicality of our body, unfolding the power of our breath, and cultivating a deeper connection between our body, heart, mind and soul.  And, yoga has the power to guide, enlighten and heal.  With deep reverence and enthusiasm for yoga, Mary brings a purposeful yet comfortable and upbeat spirit to her classes.  She offers those in her class a safe space to explore their own practice within the context of the class, with the opportunity to enjoy themselves, feel good and have fun.  Yoga for Good offers donation based yoga classes to raise awareness and funds to support our nonprofit community.  100% of funds raised in Yoga for Good classes go directly to the nonprofit agencies. You can follow Yoga for Good on Instagram or on Facebook.




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